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4 Ways For Choosing An Electric Gate To Your Property

Posted by on Jan 15, 2016 in Home Security | Comments Off on 4 Ways For Choosing An Electric Gate To Your Property

electric-gates-bannerInstalling an electric gate not only provids you with security from unexpected incidents but also adds more value to your property’s exterior looks. It gives you many benefits like no strangers in your driveway or lawn to harm your pets or children, no vehicles trying to sneak out of traffic jams and various other elements that you encounter with an open entrance to your property.

But, choosing the right type of electric gate requires some work at your part. Every manufacturer will inspect the site before installing the electric gate but having knowledge about some key points of your property will help you make the best decision, that way Essex Auto Gates can do their best job possible.


The first thing that you should see is how much space that your entrance has and how much will be occupied after installing an electric gate. If you go for conventional swinging gates then you’ll need to free up much space around the place of installation. This is because swinging gates rotate horizontally on 90 degree angle.

And in this rotating activity, if anything blocks the way, they’ll either break it down or just stop working properly. So you need to be sure that you have enough space for swinging gates. And if you don’t want to occupy that much space then you may go for slide gates or bi-folding gates that don’t require that much space to open and close the path.


Another thing that you should consider is about the weight of that electric gate you’re going to install. It is important to know about how heavy or light the gate is in order to select the right gate operator for its automation. It’s obvious that heavy gates will require a heavy gate operator that will cost you more.

And if the gate is not that heavy, then any normal gate operator can do the job efficiently. For that matter, you may ask the manufacturer about different materials he deals in for making electric gates. Gates made of steel would be heavy in weight and will require a heavy gate operator to handle the gate accordingly. You may get a gate made of wood that is less heavier in comparison with steel made gates.

Cost Effective:

If you don’t want to spend too much money on installation of an electric gate then you need to do your research beforehand. Check and evaluate your area and what size, type and material will serve best your purpose for securing the property. If you have a large entrance area then you’ll be required a large electric gate to secure the driveway. And if the entrance is not that large then it will require a medium size electric gate that will also cut down the cost. But making sure about this aspect will help you describe your needs to manufacturer so you must know about these factors before you call a reliable electric gate manufacturer.

Duty Cycle:

Another thing that will help you choose the right type of electric gate is the duty cycle. It means you need to tell the manufacturer how many times a day the door will be opened and closed so he can recommend you the best option. If the duty cycle is between 6 to 9 times in a day then any normal gate will do. But if it’s more than that then installing vertical lift or swinging gate will prove unfavourable for you. During opening and close of a gate, the gate might affect the surface if it vertically. And if it functions horizontally, as in swinging gate, then it might rust out or need more time maintaining it.

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