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Choosing Venetian Blinds For Different Rooms In The Home

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Home Interior | Comments Off on Choosing Venetian Blinds For Different Rooms In The Home

8656746Choosing venetian blinds for the home can be a difficult decision as there are so many different options available to consumers. Understandably making certain key considerations is vital should the correct blinds be obtained. The purpose of the following article is to present tips and strategies for those choosing venetian blinds for the home; a particular focus will be taken on four common room types; bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

When choosing venetian blinds for the bathroom it is essential to make any decision carefully. One of the greatest problems within the bathroom is the large amount of condensation and moisture present. Two of the more common varieties frequently used in bathrooms are venetian and roller blinds. Both offer practicality and style to the homeowner or interior designer.

Three tips that are pertinent when choosing a blind for the bathroom are to look at water resistant materials as it is highly likely that the blinds will become damp once installed. The second tip is to avoid heavy materials as the damp environment can cling to heavier fabrics eventually causing mildew. The final tip is to avoid real wood, this has a tendency to warp and bow in warm, humid areas.

In the bedroom practicality can take a backseat to aesthetic appeal. An ideal option is to use soothing, relaxing colours that will complement the existing decor. In addition it is highly recommended to look at venetian blinds Essex that will block the light effectively; in this instance it is probably worth avoiding the large slatted varieties and instead to purchase a blind with compact slats that efficiently block the light.

The kitchen has many of the same environmental characteristics of the bathroom. Moisture remains a problem in the kitchen and hence heavy fabrics should be avoided; this is also advisable due to the fact that heavy materials will absorb cooking smells, drastically reducing their lifespan. Once again wood should be avoided due to the problems of warping, instead a material such as vinyl is ideal for venetian blinds, giving the homeowner the option of simply wiping away any stains.

Living rooms have their own character and design ethic; hence the choice of blinds should take this into account. Ultimately the choice boils down to personal taste as the problems of humidity and moisture are negligible in this room. It is worth however considering how any window coverings will fit into the existing decor, wood is always a popular option for venetian blinds but remember these can be relatively expensive.

It is hoped this article has given a brief impression of how it is possible to match the environment of a room to the type of blind that should be installed. With a careful and conscientious approach to purchasing it should be possible to find the ideal window covering for any room in the home.

The size of the blinds should also be considered. In many cases this will be a problem if buying prefabricated blinds as it may be impossible to find venetian blinds that fit snugly into the window recess. Hence it is important to look at both prefabricated and made to measure varieties, while the former may be cheaper the latter can offer much more in terms of interior design.

It is hoped that this article has given a brief introduction to the world of venetian blinds and provided an idea of the considerations needed in the buying process. Ultimately it is not an all encompassing guide as there are numerous considerations that need to be factored into interior design. The message this article hopes to get across is that with enough research it should be possible to find a window covering that suits not only personal needs but the style of any home.

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