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Garage Doors

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007D-0060-front-lgDo you have a garage in your home? Well it’s good to build your own since it provides space when you need to park your vehicles securely. Generally it’s advisable when buying or when constructing a home to consider a garage first, if there is not one built already you can structure yours.

A garage is one of the easiest way to attract thieves to your home, for they are aware that it stores cars which are very expensive and not forgetting the power tools and other stored items. It plays several roles in your household like; protecting your cars against street burglaries, also protects cars from bad weather, can be used for storing other things like bicycles, or sports equipment and lastly it can even turn into a used space like a home gym.

It’s good to spend money to build one since it can add value to your home, alongside providing extra space for you to use.

The following includes ways to improve home and garage security;

  1. Don’t forget the garage door remote in your car
    Ensure that you don’t leave your garage door remote in your car, because if thieves break in to your car they can take it to gain access to the rest of your posessions. When posess your remote, their chances of getting into your garage will be very high. Remember to put your remote where it cannot be accessed by any one else.
  2. Don’t leave your garage door open
    After you are done with your duties inside the garage, you can often forget to close it, so it’s a good idea to check if it’s closed. Most cases of robbery in garages are caused due to their owners forgetting to close it and these are what we call careless mistakes. Always ensure that the door remains closed even during the day, because people have a bad tendency of being nosey to see what is inside and obviously you never know who could be watching.
  3. Lock it
    Look for a more secure lock which will be very challenging for any burglars to break. Don’t prefer to use those economical locks, because it’s very easy for a robber to breakdown. There are some expensive automatic locks which are in the market currently, they can sense when there is unauthorized person who wants to break inside the door and also they have alarm.
  4. Install alarm
    It is important to install an alarm to advance security in your home, and also in the garage. Let the alarm be wireless, so that when the garage door is closed the sensor is notified. You’ll be notified by the alarm if any unwanted visitors have gained access to your home.
  5. Install an automatic door opener
    This opener works when you use your remote, because it transmits a signal via infrared ray, so that it can detect to open. Unwanted visitors or thieves will be unable to gain access to your garage without the remote.
  6. Don’t leave your car keys
    Most people have this problem, after parking their car inside the garage they often leave the keys inside the car. It’s good to keep your keys and put them where someone from outside cannot access them. Your keys might also be together with your house key, so if burglar has access to these it will be a major security risk.
  7. Replace the door
    The garage door might not be strong enough to provide security. Its good you replace it with a new one. The new one should be very fitting and stronger to prevent any future robberies. If you are stuckfor choice visit
  8. Garage door windows
    Some garage doors have transparent windows which shows what is kept inside. Burglars can use being able to view the contents of your garage in order to plan on how to break in and what to steal. If your garage door has transparent windows you can opt to tint them and make sure that they are strong enough or you can plan to replace with another garage door which doesn’t have windows to avoid theft.
  9. Install a spot light
    The garage area should have spotlights which will help you to see through the compound well, so thieves will not enter inside since you will be able to see them clearly.
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