Buyer’s Guide: Things to Consider in choosing the best Sliding Wardrobe

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sliding wardrobe

If you check online, there are so many furniture industries which offer a huge range of wardrobes with sliding doors, which range from different sizes and styles which perfectly suit your bedroom space. But before picking the right option for you, you need to consider several things before the purchase.

We all know for a fact that sliding wardrobes are considered to be the largest furniture in the bedroom. Which is why consumers nowadays are looking for functional and space saving furniture that can help them maximize the space in their bedroom without compromising the style and aesthetic impact of the wardrobe as they are placed into any master bedroom, guest bedroom or kid’s room. Here in Reflectalux, you can be sure to browse the best sliding wardrobe you can ever find in the market. Whether you favor a traditional wood effect, full length mirrors or timeless white, the company offers you a great selection available to complement classic and modern bedroom furniture alike.

We ensure that our sliding wardrobe doors is guaranteed tailor-made to suit your requirements. Shop tracks & accessories and grab those essential extras or browse end panels & fillets to add the final touches to your dream storage space.

Here are some factors you can consider while deciding on the sliding wardrobe style you would like to install in your bedroom.

  1. The wardrobe must be suited to your needs

This initial step urges you to think about the very purpose of installing a wardrobe in your room. If you are able to identify your needs, then you are going to efficiently choose the size and the style of the wardrobe. Note that the wardrobes can have drawers, lockers, hanging space and even jewelry cabinets which is why you need to know the purpose first before jumping to the selection of a wardrobe design. This step is very useful in saving yourself from all the hassle.

  1. Consider the space of the room.

It is the general rule of the thumb that the area of the room should be proportion to the wardrobe. Do not go for a wardrobe which will consume 50% of the space of your room or else it would be a disaster. Take note that you have in the same room your bed and other accessories such as a small bedside table or chair. Sliding wardrobes are the best solution to save the space for smaller areas. Its sliding doors can be an effective space management solution in your room. In this step, you may need to take the exact measurements of the dimension of your room so it could compliment to the wardrobe you are going to install.

  1. Give thought into the style.

Remember, your wardrobe is a permanent fixture of your bedroom thus, you need to give value to your investment and time by looking carefully into the design. Take note that the style that you choose should perfectly match the décor of your room. There are contemporary designs with sliding door cupboards of this design come with a blend of stylish effects of wood, glass and mirror. However, if you like a traditional feel, then go for If you are attuned to the classic, traditional designs, then you can opt for customizing your wardrobe doors with wood effect or white panel décor; this will bring you an understated, yet elegant charm of this design will transform the look and feel of your room.

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Garage Doors

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007D-0060-front-lgDo you have a garage in your home? Well it’s good to build your own since it provides space when you need to park your vehicles securely. Generally it’s advisable when buying or when constructing a home to consider a garage first, if there is not one built already you can structure yours.

A garage is one of the easiest way to attract thieves to your home, for they are aware that it stores cars which are very expensive and not forgetting the power tools and other stored items. It plays several roles in your household like; protecting your cars against street burglaries, also protects cars from bad weather, can be used for storing other things like bicycles, or sports equipment and lastly it can even turn into a used space like a home gym.

It’s good to spend money to build one since it can add value to your home, alongside providing extra space for you to use.

The following includes ways to improve home and garage security;

  1. Don’t forget the garage door remote in your car
    Ensure that you don’t leave your garage door remote in your car, because if thieves break in to your car they can take it to gain access to the rest of your posessions. When posess your remote, their chances of getting into your garage will be very high. Remember to put your remote where it cannot be accessed by any one else.
  2. Don’t leave your garage door open
    After you are done with your duties inside the garage, you can often forget to close it, so it’s a good idea to check if it’s closed. Most cases of robbery in garages are caused due to their owners forgetting to close it and these are what we call careless mistakes. Always ensure that the door remains closed even during the day, because people have a bad tendency of being nosey to see what is inside and obviously you never know who could be watching.
  3. Lock it
    Look for a more secure lock which will be very challenging for any burglars to break. Don’t prefer to use those economical locks, because it’s very easy for a robber to breakdown. There are some expensive automatic locks which are in the market currently, they can sense when there is unauthorized person who wants to break inside the door and also they have alarm.
  4. Install alarm
    It is important to install an alarm to advance security in your home, and also in the garage. Let the alarm be wireless, so that when the garage door is closed the sensor is notified. You’ll be notified by the alarm if any unwanted visitors have gained access to your home.
  5. Install an automatic door opener
    This opener works when you use your remote, because it transmits a signal via infrared ray, so that it can detect to open. Unwanted visitors or thieves will be unable to gain access to your garage without the remote.
  6. Don’t leave your car keys
    Most people have this problem, after parking their car inside the garage they often leave the keys inside the car. It’s good to keep your keys and put them where someone from outside cannot access them. Your keys might also be together with your house key, so if burglar has access to these it will be a major security risk.
  7. Replace the door
    The garage door might not be strong enough to provide security. Its good you replace it with a new one. The new one should be very fitting and stronger to prevent any future robberies. If you are stuckfor choice visit
  8. Garage door windows
    Some garage doors have transparent windows which shows what is kept inside. Burglars can use being able to view the contents of your garage in order to plan on how to break in and what to steal. If your garage door has transparent windows you can opt to tint them and make sure that they are strong enough or you can plan to replace with another garage door which doesn’t have windows to avoid theft.
  9. Install a spot light
    The garage area should have spotlights which will help you to see through the compound well, so thieves will not enter inside since you will be able to see them clearly.
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Garage Shelving Ideas

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pic_1579_2Any garage will always look organised if everything is put in the right place. Putting things in place is an easy but efficient arrangement for a garage shelving plan which can change a messy garage into an organised space. Even if one has a small garage that they can barely park their car in, a normal sized garage, or a large garage that one can park several cars in the space and how your space is used should be considered.

There are lots of garage shelving solutions and ideas that one can make good use of. Alternatively one can put together different ideas to come up with unique garage shelving that serves the exact purpose..

Use of the Ceiling for Storage

This kind of storage is used mainly in small garages where there is barely enough space even for a car. This is advantageous since the garage shelves are high enough to create sufficient room on the floor of the garage. In this type of garage shelving one can hold bins where they can store tools, shoes and work attire. The whole floor still remains spacious for parking or other items like skates, mowers, bicycles or anything that the owner desires to put there.

Use of Cabinets for Storage.

This kind of garage shelving is usually considered as perfect by many people since the cabinet can be moved easily within the garage to any point where they desire. These cabinets may have shelves where smaller items can be stored. Alternatively one can use hooks for hanging the tiny items on or clothing. The cabinet can always be moved to different locations in case one feels like something else should occupy the same position without displacement of the materials stored in the cabinet. This mode of garage shelving is very flexible and convenient.

How to make good use of garage Shelves

It does not matter the type of garage shelving ideas one has in mind, what is key is that they are able to create sufficient space while keeping the garage in a clean and orderly shape. One can be able to store their holiday items, sports accessories, or gardening tools and still keep the place neat. A good example is the accessories that are used for holiday decorations, they are probably used once a year and they don’t have to take much of the valuable space in the house. With this garage shelving ideas one can be able to store such with ease.

There are many advantages that come with garage shelving ideas such as the cabinet and the ceiling. It is not only about creating space but rather also freedom of movement and ease of operation. A cluttered garage can easily cause accidents or even death. With such shelves it is easier to look for an item in case one wants to use them.

Garage shelving does not mean the car has been denied its rightful place it just means making more use of the garage. Do not waste space in your garage, embrace garage shelving ideas for your own benefit.

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4 Ways For Choosing An Electric Gate To Your Property

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electric-gates-bannerInstalling an electric gate not only provids you with security from unexpected incidents but also adds more value to your property’s exterior looks. It gives you many benefits like no strangers in your driveway or lawn to harm your pets or children, no vehicles trying to sneak out of traffic jams and various other elements that you encounter with an open entrance to your property.

But, choosing the right type of electric gate requires some work at your part. Every manufacturer will inspect the site before installing the electric gate but having knowledge about some key points of your property will help you make the best decision, that way Essex Auto Gates can do their best job possible.


The first thing that you should see is how much space that your entrance has and how much will be occupied after installing an electric gate. If you go for conventional swinging gates then you’ll need to free up much space around the place of installation. This is because swinging gates rotate horizontally on 90 degree angle.

And in this rotating activity, if anything blocks the way, they’ll either break it down or just stop working properly. So you need to be sure that you have enough space for swinging gates. And if you don’t want to occupy that much space then you may go for slide gates or bi-folding gates that don’t require that much space to open and close the path.


Another thing that you should consider is about the weight of that electric gate you’re going to install. It is important to know about how heavy or light the gate is in order to select the right gate operator for its automation. It’s obvious that heavy gates will require a heavy gate operator that will cost you more.

And if the gate is not that heavy, then any normal gate operator can do the job efficiently. For that matter, you may ask the manufacturer about different materials he deals in for making electric gates. Gates made of steel would be heavy in weight and will require a heavy gate operator to handle the gate accordingly. You may get a gate made of wood that is less heavier in comparison with steel made gates.

Cost Effective:

If you don’t want to spend too much money on installation of an electric gate then you need to do your research beforehand. Check and evaluate your area and what size, type and material will serve best your purpose for securing the property. If you have a large entrance area then you’ll be required a large electric gate to secure the driveway. And if the entrance is not that large then it will require a medium size electric gate that will also cut down the cost. But making sure about this aspect will help you describe your needs to manufacturer so you must know about these factors before you call a reliable electric gate manufacturer.

Duty Cycle:

Another thing that will help you choose the right type of electric gate is the duty cycle. It means you need to tell the manufacturer how many times a day the door will be opened and closed so he can recommend you the best option. If the duty cycle is between 6 to 9 times in a day then any normal gate will do. But if it’s more than that then installing vertical lift or swinging gate will prove unfavourable for you. During opening and close of a gate, the gate might affect the surface if it vertically. And if it functions horizontally, as in swinging gate, then it might rust out or need more time maintaining it.

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Choosing Venetian Blinds For Different Rooms In The Home

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8656746Choosing venetian blinds for the home can be a difficult decision as there are so many different options available to consumers. Understandably making certain key considerations is vital should the correct blinds be obtained. The purpose of the following article is to present tips and strategies for those choosing venetian blinds for the home; a particular focus will be taken on four common room types; bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and living rooms.

When choosing venetian blinds for the bathroom it is essential to make any decision carefully. One of the greatest problems within the bathroom is the large amount of condensation and moisture present. Two of the more common varieties frequently used in bathrooms are venetian and roller blinds. Both offer practicality and style to the homeowner or interior designer.

Three tips that are pertinent when choosing a blind for the bathroom are to look at water resistant materials as it is highly likely that the blinds will become damp once installed. The second tip is to avoid heavy materials as the damp environment can cling to heavier fabrics eventually causing mildew. The final tip is to avoid real wood, this has a tendency to warp and bow in warm, humid areas.

In the bedroom practicality can take a backseat to aesthetic appeal. An ideal option is to use soothing, relaxing colours that will complement the existing decor. In addition it is highly recommended to look at venetian blinds Essex that will block the light effectively; in this instance it is probably worth avoiding the large slatted varieties and instead to purchase a blind with compact slats that efficiently block the light.

The kitchen has many of the same environmental characteristics of the bathroom. Moisture remains a problem in the kitchen and hence heavy fabrics should be avoided; this is also advisable due to the fact that heavy materials will absorb cooking smells, drastically reducing their lifespan. Once again wood should be avoided due to the problems of warping, instead a material such as vinyl is ideal for venetian blinds, giving the homeowner the option of simply wiping away any stains.

Living rooms have their own character and design ethic; hence the choice of blinds should take this into account. Ultimately the choice boils down to personal taste as the problems of humidity and moisture are negligible in this room. It is worth however considering how any window coverings will fit into the existing decor, wood is always a popular option for venetian blinds but remember these can be relatively expensive.

It is hoped this article has given a brief impression of how it is possible to match the environment of a room to the type of blind that should be installed. With a careful and conscientious approach to purchasing it should be possible to find the ideal window covering for any room in the home.

The size of the blinds should also be considered. In many cases this will be a problem if buying prefabricated blinds as it may be impossible to find venetian blinds that fit snugly into the window recess. Hence it is important to look at both prefabricated and made to measure varieties, while the former may be cheaper the latter can offer much more in terms of interior design.

It is hoped that this article has given a brief introduction to the world of venetian blinds and provided an idea of the considerations needed in the buying process. Ultimately it is not an all encompassing guide as there are numerous considerations that need to be factored into interior design. The message this article hopes to get across is that with enough research it should be possible to find a window covering that suits not only personal needs but the style of any home.

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Here’s How You Can Make A Small Room Look Bigger

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Small-Room-Ideas-55ff55b9a394c-small-bedroom-ideas-3Having a small room or living space often haunt many people. Some need more space to live in and others want a bigger space for partying with social circle and show off a little bit. Having a small space isn’t that bad really. I mean, you may use few hacks to make it look bigger.

You need to follow your eyes to make them believe it’s a bigger room than seen. And to do so, you don’t need to be a magician. Make few adjustments and you’re all done. How? Keep reading to find out some interesting tricks you can try with small spaced rooms. Alternatively you can seek the help of an experienced and professional contractor who can provide you with advice, or why not visit their website at

Use Every Inch Of Your Room:

To make a small room look bigger, you need to utilise every inch of it. By utilising every inch, I didn’t mean you fill the room with needless furniture. Try making shelves to hold things like antiques or books whatsoever. You need to arrange your furniture in a way that makes your room look bigger. Putting the tables around the sofa doesn’t help but having shelves above your sofa set might give you more space. Try folding tables instead of fixed furniture in small spaces.

Try Color Combination With Shelves:

Using shelves wisely is also an art that one needs to master. You may go with a big shelf case or ask the contractor to make a fancy one allowing you to be more artistic. But what if you just put things randomly on each shelf? This will kill the whole beauty of your room. Instead, you may go with another approach that will keep things beautiful and give you more artistic vibes. Arrange shelves according to colors. I mean, you may designate each shelf case a specific color and put things of same color near each other.

Use Folding Storage:

A big reason for people having small spaced rooms is that they have a huge pile of stuff spread all over the floor. One can’t throw things away but piling up these unnecessary things kills the beauty. One way to get rid of this problem is to use folding storage that will help you contain the necessary items without disturbing the beauty of your house. You may ask the contractor to make hidden cupboards or store rooms underneath staircase or with your sofa set. Or you may look around in your house where this concept can benefit you more effectively.

Keep Space Between Walls And Furniture:

Furniture fixed with walls also makes the room look filled up with unnecessary stuff. So you need to move it a little bit. I mean, you can keep some space between tables, chairs or sofa sets and walls to make your room look spacious enough.

Trick Eyes With Mirrors:

Using mirrors inside a small room also serves best one’s objectives. A mirror reflects the image and make things look different from their appearance. Well you may use this concept in your small room. You may either go with big wall mirror that could reflect the opposite wall decorated with pictures, wallpaper or any other interesting stuff. Or you may go with small pieces of mirror in different places all over the room to give it a bigger look.

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Advantages Of Wooden Flooring

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modern-hardwood-flooringWhen it comes to flooring, the major options are concrete or wood. It can have concrete tiles or wooden tiles. Whereas some use carpets on top of the regular flooring. Different people have different taste as well as their options are not the same when it comes to flooring. However, wooden flooring has a lot of appeal for many wealthy people which can afford quality wooden tiles for their floor. Here are the major advantages of wooden flooring which some other flooring options cannot provide.

  1. Easy to clean – Though plain concrete or concrete tiles are also easy to clean, wooden flooring is a lot easier to clean when compared with carpets. Carpets require special attention and more time just to make it as clean as wooden flooring.
  2. Long lasting – Though concrete is often considered sturdy, quality wooden flooring will last as long as concrete or even longer. There are even wooden flooring which last more than a century. This can be observed on old houses which use wooden flooring.
  3. Hygienic – Carpet is the perfect place for parasites, bacteria or small insects to live and multiply. Constant contact with carpet can become a risk for children. On the other hand, wooden flooring does not provide the ideal conditions for organisms to live in thus regular cleaning is enough to make wooden flooring hygienic.
  4. Allow under floor heating – During winter, the floor can become the main platform for your body to lose heat. However, wooden flooring allows under floor heating system which is a great way to provide heat during winter.
  5. Repair cost less – Carpets are hard to repair. In fact, if it is damage, most people have to replace the whole carpet. Concrete is also difficult to repair if damaged. On the other hand, wooden flooring is easy to repair. If there is a scratch or damage on a wooden tile, sanding and reapplying of varnish can make it look brand new. The worst would be to replace the single wooden tile.
  6. Classic look – Wooden flooring has been used for many centuries thus houses with wooden flooring have classic look. It is perfect for classical designed houses. You can get your desired look by seeking the help of a Parquet flooring specialist.
  7. Odor free – Odor stains are very hard to remove from the carpet. On the other hand, wooden flooring will not hold odor especially if the stained area is cleaned immediately.
  8. Increase property value – According to realtors, properties with wooden flooring has more value in the market compared to concrete flooring.
  9. Warm – Concrete flooring is cold and can make the body lose heat. Meanwhile, wooden flooring is warm on the feet which gives a comfortable feeling.
  10. Affordable – Though quality wooden flooring cost way more than concrete flooring on the past decades, today’s manufacturing methods make it possible for wooden flooring to be affordable for all people.

In case you decide to install a wooden flooring in your home, make sure to hire quality wooden flooring contractors to get the best deals of quality flooring services.

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